Monday, July 22, 2013

how to renew "estimara" in Qatar ?

 Hello all, my question is simple one. I bought a 2nd hand Honda City 2008 a year ago. Now the car istimara has expired 3 days ago. From Qatar Living, I found out that in order to renew my car istimara, I need to do following tasks: 
1) Vehicle Inspection (since it is 3 years old car now) at Industrial Area (close to Al Muntazah St) - Charge: QAR 75 

2) When car has PASSED inspection, go to car insurance and renew my compulsory insurance (I do not want comprehensive insurance) 

3) Go to Traffic Police Dept (Madinat Al Khalifa or Al Mamooura) and renew Istimara by showing them vehicle inspection report and car insurance documents Please feel free to add if I have missed something in the above process.

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